Centerstone values

We believe conducting business with a clear conscience is not merely a question of following  the rules & regulations enacted by governments or other related organizations.  

It's an ongoing daily process, where each employee or representative of Centerstone has the moral duty to carry out his/her tasks to the best of his/her abilities.
This involves:

To fully comply with the Kimberley Process , the Diamond Best Practice Principles , the World Diamond Council resolutions  &   UN resolution no. A/RES/55/56.
To respect human rights and the well being of the environment 
To condemn bribery, fraud, money-laundering, dealing in stolen goods (including conflict diamonds, blood diamonds, etc...) 
To avoid conflict of interest 
To be discrete with confidential knowledge 
To encourage fair play, honesty, mutual respect & integrity 

We wish only to conduct business with individuals & organizations who share these ethical principles.

By doing so we engage to help ensure that the diamond industry proves to be a respectable business.