Glossary: A-C

Abrasion Tiny nicks along facet conjunctions.
Alluvial deposit Diamonds can be carried by water streams and therefore be found in riverbeds, lakes & seas.
Baguette Rectangular diamond shape, thinner than an emerald.
Bearded girdle Tiny fractures around the girdle/abrasion around the girdle.
Blemish External characteristic. E.g. Nick, scratch, cavity etc…
Blood diamonds Conflict diamonds, mined in war zones and sold clandestinely to finance war fare.
Blue ground Volcanic rock in which diamonds can be found. Also called Kimberlite
Boiling Cleaning of diamonds by means of acid.
Bow tie effect Dark area in the diamond, in the shape of a bow tie, most common with fancy shapes. Caused because of light leakage.
BPP Best Practice Principles, created by DTC to ensure consumers that their bought stones have been manufactured by ethical professionals.
Brilliancy White light returned from a diamond. Brilliancy can be affected by proportions
Brilliant cut Round diamond shape.
Bruting Process in which the girdle is formed.
Bubble Transparent inclusion in a diamond. It is not possible to have an air pocket in a diamond.
Burn mark  Polish mark, caused through diamond dust melting into the surface of the stone.
Canary diamond Intense yellow diamond.
Cape Diamond color grades that show a yellow tint. But are not intense enough to be fancy colors.
Carat Measuring unit for diamond weight.  1 ct equals 0.25 gr
Cavity External characteristic describable as a scoop/nick/chip on the facet surface.
Certificate Document made by a gemological institute bearing all the characteristics of the diamond.
Clarity grade Scale in which diamonds are graded from Flawless to Imperfect under 10 X magnification.
Cleavage Fracture in the diamond. Often white and feathery appearance. Also called 'Feather' or 'Gletz'.
Cloud Group of pinpoints.
Color grade Grade given to diamond between D (colorless)- Z (yellow). This grade is obtained by comparing the stone to a master stone set
Conflict Diamonds Blood diamond, mined in war zones and sold clandestinely to finance war fare.
Crown Part of the diamond above the girdle.
Cubic  Zirconium (CZ) Diamond simulant/imitation.
Culet Sharp point or small polished facet formed by the pavilion facets.
Cut Proportions & finish of a polished diamond. Also known as the make
CZ Cubic Zirconium