Products & Services:

Our skilled & dedicated team, headed by a Graduate Gemologist (GIA), will be pleased to supply you with the following range of goods and services.

Product Range:

Finest certified polished natural diamonds (HRD, GIA and IGI)

Size : 0.30 ct to 15.00 ct and larger
Color :  D to M  and natural fancy colors
Clarity: FL / LC to SI2
Shape: Round Brilliant, Pear,  Heart, Princess, Marquise,
Emerald, Oval, Baguette and Taper
Make:  Ex / Ex / Ex to G / G / G
Very Good / Very Good to Good / Good
Uncertified :  
Rounds: Perfectly graded straight sieve sizes (or mm’s)
Fancies:  Perfectly graded & calibrated


Single stones; matched pairs, layouts and programs
Regular, consistent supply and prompt deliveries
Door to door (courier) - and postal shipments
Sealing and / or inscription
Email / Online stock lists and digital photos of offered diamonds